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As your marriage visa lawyer in New Jersey, I will be your ally in helping you to bring your foreign fiancé or spouse to the United States. There are potential delays and complications at each step of the process that I can help you avoid. It can be a tense and thorny period. But because we will handle it properly, it can be an exciting chapter in your love story.

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Let me work as your marriage visa lawyer in New Jersey. Let me handle the paperwork. There is so much of it for a U.S. citizen. You have two ways to bring a foreign husband or wife to live in the United States.

As a marriage visa lawyer in New Jersey, I begin the process by filing Form I-130[2] in the U.S. The application is processed by USCIS and forwarded to the National Visa Center for follow up. When approved, it is sent to the U.S. Embassy in the country where the foreign national lives to process the green card. There is an inevitable wait time, but people who do it themselves often improperly fill out paperwork, which adds unnecessary delay. The K3 Visa is a much-talked about option to bring your spouse to the U.S., but often is just a waste of money.

A marriage visa lawyer in New Jersey can also help if you are an American citizen engaged to be married to a foreigner and wish to marry in the United States. This process begins by filing a Petition for Alien Fiancé (or fiancée) Form I-129F in order to obtain a K1. There are other papers that you must fill out, especially if there are non-citizen children involved. It goes through the same three-location process as the paperwork for a spouse and has all the same potential pitfalls.

I am an experienced marriage visa lawyer in New Jersey. I know that the paperwork can be challenging. Please be wary of some unscrupulous people who say that they are legal immigration “experts”. They may not be qualified – and the result will be a delay in an already long process.

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