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The spokesman went on to explain that the marriage would need to be real and not a sham. He further stated that a sham marriage is designed for a person to get a green card, however, the reader should be fine as she had previously submitted proof of the realness of the marriage when she was applying for permanent residence using Form I-751. At the time the USCIS would have confirmed that the marriage was not a sham.

The spokesman stated that, “While there was confirmation initially with the process, in respect of the application for citizenship, it is likely that the USCIS will question whether the marriage was real or not. The divorce on its own will not cause the USCIS to assume that the marriage was a fraud, but the officer conducting your naturalization interview may be prompted to ask more questions relating to your marriage just to double check. Further, you may also be asked to submit additional paperwork proving that your marriage was real.” The spokesman stated that in respect of the additional paperwork this was to cover the period after the submissions made with the Form I-751. Such proof was said to include joint bank accounts and leases in both the spouses’ names; he also mentioned that proof of couples counseling would be beneficial to prove that the person tried to make their marriage work.

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